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Represents a tag within a XUITagCanvas.


Name Type Read-Only
Bounds Rect
Data Variant
HasWidget Boolean
Title String
WidgetBounds Rect


Name Parameters Returns
Constructor title As String, data As Variant

Property Descriptions

Bounds As Rect

The absolute bounds of this tag, relative to the backing buffer's top left corner.

Data As Variant

Optional arbitrary data associated with this tag.

HasWidget As Boolean

True if this icon has a clickable dingus (e.g. a close icon, disclosure triangle, etc).

Title As String

This tag's title.

WidgetBounds As Rect

If this tag has a clickable dingus (e.g. close icon, disclosure triangle) then these are its bounds, relative to the backing buffer's top left corner. May be Nil.

Method Descriptions

Constructor(title As String, data As Variant)

Default constructor.

  • title is the tag text that is visible to the user.
  • data is optional arbitrary data associated with the tag.