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XUIInspector is highly customisable. This class contains the various properties that can be styled in an inspector that should be honoured by well behaved XUIInspectorItems.


Name Type Read-Only
AccentColor ColorGroup
BackgroundColor ColorGroup
BorderColor ColorGroup
ControlBackgroundColor ColorGroup
ControlBorderColor ColorGroup
FocusColor ColorGroup
FontName String
FontSize Double
ItemDisclosureWidgetColor ColorGroup
Name String
PlaceholderTextColor ColorGroup
SectionBackColor ColorGroup
SectionBorderColor ColorGroup
SectionDisclosureWidgetColor ColorGroup
SelectionColor ColorGroup
SwitchColor ColorGroup
TextColor ColorGroup
TextFieldCaptionBackgroundColor ColorGroup
TextFieldCaptionTextColor ColorGroup


Name Parameters Returns
Default XUIInspectorStyle

Property Descriptions

AccentColor As ColorGroup

The accent colour.

BackgroundColor As ColorGroup

The preferred background colour.

BorderColor As ColorGroup

The colour of the inspector's borders.

ControlBackgroundColor As ColorGroup

The background colour for controls.

ControlBorderColor As ColorGroup

The colour to use for control borders.

FocusColor As ColorGroup

The colour used to emphasise focus.

FontName As String

The name of the font to use.

FontSize As Double

The desired font size for text.

ItemDisclosureWidgetColor As ColorGroup

The colour of item disclosure widgets.

Name As String

This style's name.

PlaceholderTextColor As ColorGroup

The colour of placeholder text.

SectionBackColor As ColorGroup

The background colour of section headings.

SectionBorderColor As ColorGroup

The section border colour.

SectionDisclosureWidgetColor As ColorGroup

The colour of the section disclosure widget.

SelectionColor As ColorGroup

The selection colour.

SwitchColor As ColorGroup

The colour to use for the circle in a toggle switch.

TextColor As ColorGroup

The preferred text colour.

TextFieldCaptionBackgroundColor As ColorGroup

The background colour of the optional caption in a text field.

TextFieldCaptionTextColor As ColorGroup

The colour to use for the optional caption displayed in text fields.

Method Descriptions


Initialise all ColorGroups to prevent Nil object exceptions in subclasses that don't initialise them.

Default() As XUIInspectorStyle This method is shared.

Returns the default style for the inspector.

Feel free to create your own.