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Inherits DesktopCanvas


A canvas that contains a row of XUIColorPickerColorDots.


Name Type Read-Only
DotDiameter Integer
GapWidth Integer
mDidMouseDownOverColorDot Boolean
mDotDiameter Integer
mDots() XUIColorPickerColorDot
mGapWidth Integer
mSelectedDotCentreColor ColorGroup
mSelectedDotShadowBrush ShadowBrush
mSelectedIndex Integer
mShouldRecomputeBounds Boolean
SelectedIndex Integer


Name Parameters Returns
AddDot dot As XUIColorPickerColorDot
ComputeBounds g As Graphics
SelectedDot XUIColorPickerColorDot


Name Parameters Returns
PressedColorDot dot As XUIColorPickerColorDot


Name Type

SELECTION_DOT_DIAMETER As Double The diameter of the dot drawn in the centre of the selected dot.

Property Descriptions

DotDiameter As Integer

The diameter of each colour dot.

GapWidth As Integer

The gap between the color dots.

mDidMouseDownOverColorDot As Boolean

True if the user clicked over a color dot during the last MouseDown event.

mDotDiameter As Integer

The diameter of each colour dot.

mDots() As XUIColorPickerColorDot

Available color dots. Left = Color, Right = Name

mGapWidth As Integer

The gap between the color dots.

mSelectedDotCentreColor As ColorGroup

The colour to use for the selection marker in the centre of selected dots.

mSelectedDotShadowBrush As ShadowBrush

A precomputed shadow brush for the selected colour dot.

mSelectedIndex As Integer

The index of the currently selected dot.

mShouldRecomputeBounds As Boolean

If True then the bounds of the colour dots will be recomputed during the next Paint event.

SelectedIndex As Integer

The index of the currently selected colour dot.

Method Descriptions

AddDot(dot As XUIColorPickerColorDot)

Adds a new color dot to the canvas.

ComputeBounds(g As Graphics)

Computes the bounds of each of the colour dots.


Default constructor.


Removes all the dots from the canvas.

SelectedDot() As XUIColorPickerColorDot

Returns the currently selected colour dot. This should be considered read only. Returns Nil if nothing selected.

Event Descriptions

PressedColorDot(dot As XUIColorPickerColorDot) The user just pressed a color dot.