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Stores data required by the parser when parsing a list.


Name Type Read-Only
BulletCharacter String
IsTight Boolean
Length Integer
ListDelimiter MKListDelimiters
ListMarkerAbsolutionPosition Integer
ListMarkerLocalPosition Integer
ListType MKListTypes
MarkerOffset Integer
MarkerWidth Integer
StartNumber Integer


Name Parameters Returns
Operator_Compare other As MKListData Integer

Property Descriptions

BulletCharacter As String

The character used for unordered lists. Used if ListData.ListType is set to MKListTypes.Bullet.

IsTight As Boolean

True if the list is tight (such lists will not render additional explicit paragraph elements).

Length As Integer

The length of the list marker.

ListDelimiter As MKListDelimiters

The character that follows the number if ListData.ListType is set to ListType.Ordered.

ListMarkerAbsolutionPosition As Integer

The 0-based position in the original source of the first character of the list marker.

ListMarkerLocalPosition As Integer

The 0-based local position on the line that this list marker begins at.

ListType As MKListTypes

The type (ordered or unordered) of this list.

MarkerOffset As Integer

The number of spaces the list marker is indented.

MarkerWidth As Integer

The width of the list marker. May include an optional trailing space.

StartNumber As Integer

The number for the first list item if ListData.ListType is set to ListType.Ordered.

Method Descriptions

Operator_Compare(other As MKListData) As Integer

Compares this list with other. Returns 0 if they are considered equal, otherwise returns -1.