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Holds information about a link title. Provide to assist with rendering into source code tokens.


Name Type Read-Only
Characters() MarkdownKit.MKCharacter
ClosingDelimiter MarkdownKit.MKCharacter
Length Integer
OpeningDelimiter MarkdownKit.MKCharacter
Value String
ValueBlocks() MarkdownKit.MKLinkTitleBlock


Name Parameters Returns
Constructor openingDelimiter As MKCharacter

Property Descriptions

Characters() As MarkdownKit.MKCharacter

The characters making up the value of this link title (not including any flanking delimiters). May include newlines.

ClosingDelimiter As MarkdownKit.MKCharacter

The closing delimiter for the title.

Length As Integer

The length of the destination.

OpeningDelimiter As MarkdownKit.MKCharacter

The opening delimiter for this link's title.

Value As String

The unescaped link destination.

ValueBlocks() As MarkdownKit.MKLinkTitleBlock

An array of special title text blocks where each item is a line (or portion of a line) of the link's text. May be empty.

Method Descriptions


Default constructor.

Constructor(openingDelimiter As MKCharacter)

Constructor that takes a reference to the opening delimiter for this link's title.