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An internal class used during inline parsing to track emphasis delimiters.


Name Type Read-Only
Active Boolean
CanClose Boolean
CanOpen Boolean
CanOpenLinkOrImage Boolean
Delimiter String
Ignore Boolean
mTextNodeRef WeakRef
OriginalLength Integer
PoppedCharacters Integer
TextNode MKInlineText


Name Parameters Returns
Constructor textNode As MKInlineText, delimiter As String
CurrentLength Integer

Property Descriptions

Active As Boolean

True if this node is currently active.

CanClose As Boolean

True if this node can close an emphasis run.

CanOpen As Boolean

True if this node can open an emphasis run.

CanOpenLinkOrImage As Boolean

True if this delimiter can open an inline link or image.

Delimiter As String

The delimiter character used by this node.

Ignore As Boolean

Internal use. Set to True when this node is to be ignored during processing.

mTextNodeRef As WeakRef

A wesk reference to this delimiter node's inline text node.

OriginalLength As Integer

The original length of the delimiter.

PoppedCharacters As Integer

The number of characters popped during processing. Used to offset the closing delimiter local start.

TextNode As MKInlineText

A weak reference to this delimiter's inline text node.

Method Descriptions

Constructor(textNode As MKInlineText, delimiter As String)

Default constructor.

  • textNode is the text block containing the delimiter.
  • delimiter is the delimiter character.

CurrentLength() As Integer

The current length of this node's text node.