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Implements Iterator


This class is used internally by XUIDictionary to provide For...Each loop iteration.


Name Type Read-Only
mCurrent Integer
mKeys() Variant
mKeysLastIndex Integer
mOwner Dictionary


Name Parameters Returns
Constructor owner As XUIDictionary
MoveNext Boolean
Value Variant

Property Descriptions

mCurrent As Integer

Pointer to the next entry to retrieve.

mKeys() As Variant

The owning dictionary's keys.

mKeysLastIndex As Integer

Cached last index of Keys().

mOwner As Dictionary

The dictionary that this iterator is operating upon.

Method Descriptions

Constructor(owner As XUIDictionary)

Default constructor. Requires a reference to the Dictionary it will operate upon.

MoveNext() As Boolean

Part of the Iterator interface.

Value() As Variant

Part of the Iterator interface.