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A module containing extension methods for the Xojo DesktopWindow class.


Name Parameters Returns
Center w As DesktopWindow
ChromeHeight w As DesktopWindow Double
Display w As DesktopWindow DesktopDisplay
DisplayIndex w As DesktopWindow Integer

Method Descriptions

Center(w As DesktopWindow)

Centers this window on its current display by adjusting the window's Left and Top properties.

ChromeHeight(w As DesktopWindow) As Double

Returns the height of the passed window's chrome. On Windows this is the title bar and menu. On macOS it's the title bar.

Display(w As DesktopWindow) As DesktopDisplay

Returns the display that contains the greatest proportion of w or Nil if no display contains it.

DisplayIndex(w As DesktopWindow) As Integer

Returns the index of the first display w is found on or -1 if not found.